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I came across this post during my Pinterest-induced coma that I was in one day this past week.......

This blogger had a great idea to connect herself to other bloggers she follows.  I'm going to switch up the "rules" a little....because that's how I roll. 
But the basic reasoning is there.....a just-for-fun, get-to-know-each-other-post, to create a better sense of community.

Here were her rules:

1. You must post the rules.
2. Post 12 fun facts about yourself on the blog post.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create 12 new questions for the people you tagged.
4. Tag 12 people and link them on your post.
5. Let them know you've tagged them

To make it easier on myself and those who I "tag"....I'm going to change the number to five.  Teachers are so busy at this time of year, but who doesn't have time to answer five questions and come up with five to ask?  Especially all in the name of fun. are my revised rules:

1. You must post the rules.
2. Post 5 fun facts about yourself on the blog post.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create 5 new questions for the people you tagged. 
4. Tag as many people as you'd like, and link them on your post.
5. Let them know you've tagged them-- I'm guessing the best way would be to send them an email (if you know it) or comment on a blog post with the link to your post.  :)

**Since I'm the first one in this game of tag, I'm just going to answer five of the questions this blogger used.

If you are tagged, and don't have the time to do this....I completely understand.  But maybe put it on your "to do" list......for a rainy day, when you're bored, have absolutely nothing to do, and just find yourself sitting around twiddling your thumbs.  Yeah, that would be no one.  Ever.  So just someday, when you have time.  :)

If you are NOT a blogger, but are reading this.....never fear--- you can participate, too!
Just comment on my post below with five fun facts about you, and five questions for me. 
I promise I'll answer them as soon as I have a chance.  You know, on that rainy day when I have nothing to do.  Or maybe sooner.

Here we go....

Five Fun Facts About Me
1.  My mom gave birth to seven on each day of the week.  I'm Saturday.   And I love that I was born on my favorite day of the week!
2.  When I get a new Sudoku puzzle book, I start at the back (the toughest ones) and do those first.  I love a challenge, and I'm a self-proclaimed nerd when it comes to puzzles.
3.  I'm notoriously late to things.  It's either that I don't figure in the travel time, that I get distracted when I'm getting ready to go, or that I just don't have great time management.  Who am I kidding--- it's all of the above!
4. I have a VERY hard time not changing fonts when I get a document that someone shares.  It's a bit of an obsession I have with fonts.  I really think I need an intervention, or at the least to join a support group.
5.  There are some foods that I used to say (when I was a kid, mind you) I didn't like, but actually never tried.  And now I love them.  Guacamole....Sour Cream....Hummus....Spinach.....Broccoli.....Cheesecake.   Really, most of those were because they either looked or sounded gross.  I'm just so glad that I grew up and gave them all a try. 

Five Questions....
1.  What is a scent that triggers a memory for you?
Strawberries.....reminds me of Strawberry Shortcake, one of my favorite toys growing up.   Apple Pie.....reminds me of Thanksgiving at my mom's house.   The of the best smells ever.  Lake Michigan, minutes from where I grew up, always has this smell of "home".   Okay, I couldn't choose one!

2.  Do you drink Starbucks?  What's your usual order?
This is a tough one, because I love the smell of coffee, and I love the taste of many coffee drinks. But for most of them, I can't drink them without it upsetting my stomach.  Usually the "sweeter" ones aren't as tough to drink, so I'd say when I do get a drink there it's either a frappaccino, hot cocoa, or sweetened iced tea.  The one that I can always drink with no issues is the Iced Capp from Tim's probably mostly sugar.  :)

3.  What's your favorite recipe you like to bring to parties?
I usually look to Pinterest for new ideas whenever I have the time, otherwise my old stand-by is a cheesy crab dip (with toasted baguette slices) that I first had at a Pampered Chef party years ago, and it's often requested when we have family get-togethers over the holidays. 

4. What's a TV show that you loved growing up?
The one show that I can remember watching every single episode of was "Who's the Boss?".  It's so cheesy, but I will still watch it if it's on TV when I'm flipping through the guide.   In fact, a few years ago they were replaying episodes of every season and there were parts of them that I could literally quote word for word because of this obsession.  And I'm not ashamed to admit-- I own season one on DVD. 

5. What is another job you have had besides teaching?
Well, since I have been teaching ever since I graduated college, I have to go back to my high school and college jobs, which were very illustrious, let me tell you......I was a cashier at Burger King and a gas station, I was a lifeguard/ride attendant at a waterpark, I worked in the office of the college newspaper at U of M, I was a nanny one summer, and the best one.....I put labels on the spines of books at the library in college., onto my five questions for you.....whether you're tagged or not, you can answer them

1.  Where is your favorite store to shop for clothes, and why do you love shopping there?
2.  What is one (or more) of your guilty pleasures?
3.  If you could go on vacation anywhere (and money wasn't an issue), where would you go?
4.  Who is your go-to person for advice about life?
5.  What is the best, or most memorable, meal you've ever eaten?

So here's who I'm're up ladies!

Jackie at mysunnymoments
Melissa at The Athlete's Foot
Maggie at Pink Shoes
Lindsay at A Boy, A Brunette, & A Baby
Calli at Living My Best Life

I'm also tagging the original blogger that I got this idea from.....Liz from Fast Times of a Middle School Math Teacher, thanks for the inspiration!


Laura G. said...

Five Fun Facts About Me
1. I am a huge rule follower. Not saying that I have never broken the rules, but if I did I was probably very stressed about it. Just ask my latest Great Race 2.0 team.
2. I tend to dabble. I dabble in different skills, hobbies, tasks, etc. so I tend to have some surface knowledge of a good number of things, but not a master of any one thing. One of my personal goals is to try to change that a bit.
3. I am very into genealogy, but if you know me, you probably already know that! I will do a family tree for you, me, a complete stranger, whoever.
4. I really like yoga and it is the one form of exercise of have stuck to the longest so far.
5. Inspired by the question you answered above, what is your favorite recipe to bring to parties...I am notorious for trying a new recipe whenever I am supposed to bring a contribution to a party or get together. I hear that is a no no.

The Answers to Your Questions
1. Where is your favorite store to shop for clothes, and why do you love shopping there?
Ann Taylor Loft because they set your clothes up in the dressing room all fancy and their sizes seem to be labeled smaller than what I usually wear which is a good ego boost.
2. What is one (or more) of your guilty pleasures?
3. If you could go on vacation anywhere (and money wasn't an issue), where would you go?
Oh, that is a tough one. For relaxation probably Fiji or some other island where hardly anyone else was and I could stay in a hut on the beach with lots of good food at my disposal. For adventure probably New Zealand.
4. Who is your go-to person for advice about life?
Jeremy and mom
5. What is the best, or most memorable, meal you've ever eaten?
Another toughy, probably dinner with Jeremy's grandparents at Charlie's Crab or the dinner we had with Jeremy's work buddies at The Chop House...of course there are the vacation meals....

Five Questions For You
1. What are the top three qualities you think are most important for a person to have?
2. If you had to change careers, what would you change to?
3. What is your favorite form of entertainment?
4. What are your two favorite books?
5. Who is your secret (or not so secret) movie star crush?

Michelle Lehan said...

Thanks for participating, Laura!
Here are my answers to your five questions:

1- Kindness, Loyalty, Easy-Going
2- If I wasn't a teacher, I would want to be doing something where I could travel more. I feel like there's so much more of the world I need to see! So maybe an archaeologist or photographer.
3- Movies are my favorite, and most frequent, form of entertainment. But you knew that one!
4- Two favorite books-- To Kill a Mockingbird and The Help.
5- My celebrity crush....Ryan Gosling-- since Bradley Cooper has already been claimed by Amanda. :)

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