Sunday, February 24, 2013

favorite combinations

Those who know me well will not be surprised when I say that movie popcorn and a trip to the local movie theater is a favorite combination of mine.  I swear there is something added to that popcorn that creates a chemical addiction.....but, that is not the reason for this post.  :)

I was watching the Rachael Ray talk show the other day and she made a quick and easy "snack" (although I had it as a meal) called bacon cheeseburger quesadillas.   The brilliance of combining two delicious comfort foods was not lost on me.

So I tried my own version of it at home the other day......and it was delicious.  And easy. 
And just so you don't think I'm the only one with this opinion, my sister was over for dinner and it won her approval before I even asked if she liked it.  ;)

Here are the ingredients I used inside the quesadillas-- although you could add any favorite toppings you fancy!  RR used bacon in hers....but I didn't have any on hand, or you know I would have.
Bacon is up there with movie popcorn for me in its crack-like-addictiveness. 

The first step was making the meat-- which I did the other night so I don't have pictures of that process.  But really, it's browning meat.  No rocket science there.
I added some seasonings that I would add to a hamburger (grill seasoning and "garlic garlic" from
Tastefully Simple).  I also added a large squirt (maybe a few tablespoons) of mustard and ketchup (a little more ketchup than mustard).  That's the "meat sauce" for the quesadillas.  
I think next time I'm going to add some chopped onions to the meat while it's browning. 
I'm not a huge raw onion lover, but I looove me some cooked onions.

Heat up a tortilla in a skillet.  Medium to Medium High Heat.
 Flip it once.
I just wanted it to be a little warm before adding the ingredients.

Add a sprinkling of your favorite shredded cheese to be the "glue" for the other ingredients. 
I used a blend of different cheddars.
Do this only on half of the tortilla since you're going to fold over the other half.

Then add the meat, and a little more cheese.
Or a lot more.

Pile on the toppings- I used chopped lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles.
And I kind of went a little crazy on the toppings, which made for a very thick quesadilla.

Fold over the other half. 
Get a little forceful with it if you are overzealous with the toppings like I was.

Then take out your aggressions and press/smack down on the top of it until it starts to melt together. 
And yes, you're going to have a little mess as the toppings try to escape.
But you can show them who's boss. 
(I'm really not an agressive person, but I like to pretend I am while I cook.  Sorry.)

Flip it over a few times until the tortilla is golden brown on both sides and the cheese seem to be completely melted.
Or until you can't wait any longer.
Whichever comes first.

I like to use a pizza cutter to slice my quesadilla into wedges.

And here is the best part.....ready to eat!
It really does taste like a cheeseburger and a quesadilla all in one.
A lovely combination.
This might be the perfect snack/meal for you tonight if you're like me and going to be glued to the TV for a few hours to watch the Academy Awards.
What's your favorite combination-- food or otherwise?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

confessions, part II

Everyone sticks a kitchen spoon into the snowbank on their deck to check the depth, right?  :)

It's been a while since my last post....I blame winter.

Just to clarify, I'm not complaining.  I've lived in Michigan my whole life, so I know winter very well.   I accept that there are months of rollercoaster weeks where we can go from sunny days with temps in the 20's one day, to the 60's the next day with nonstop rain, to a drop back to temps in the teens and lake effect snow the next day. 
I don't particularly like it, but I accept it.

So....back to why I blame winter for my lack of blogging.....
Whenever winter hits, I experience a serious drop in motivation.  I know there are studies out there about the effects that lack of sunshine causes.  So true for me.

This brings today's post.....Confessions, Part II 

1.  That goal I set for only eat at home?  I (pretty much) followed it the whole month.  Two exceptions:  staff party and a birthday dinner.  But other than that, I was Miss Self-Control.  And a pro at eating and remaking leftovers.

You would think that would carry over to February......but, not so much.  

I did set a new goal for February.  Actually, it's for Lent, so it's a little longer than February. 
No apps on my phone.  No facebook, instagram, pinterest, email, games, photo editing apps, music apps.....if it's on my iPhone and not necessary (phone calls/texts), it's going to be seriously neglected for a while.  Not to say I can't check things on my computer, but I've gotten way too attached to my phone, so it was time for a little break.

2.  Speaking of technology, I do not understand the need people have with always getting the "next big thing".  Like when the iPhone 5 came out, I was asked numerous times if I was going to upgrade and get it.  Seriously?  Because it's sooooo much better than my 4s....which I just got in April, and works perfectly.  I don't get it.  Maybe because I've never been someone who feels comfortable spending large amounts of money on material things (because I've never had large amounts of money), but I just don't get it.

3.  Going back to the drop in motivation....I have probably spent a majority of my days off (snow days and weekends) over the past couple months doing more unproductive than productive things.  And I don't apologize for it.  And I'm not ashamed of it.  Because if I can spend a day watching Lifetime Movie Network, shows on my DVR, and three seasons of Psych that I borrowed from my 14 year old nephew.....and I stay in my pajamas the whole day....I'm totally cool with that.

4.  I've seen all but one of the best picture Academy Award nominees.  For those of you who don't know.....that would be eight out of nine.  Hoping to see Life of Pi before Sunday's award ceremony to make it nine for nine.  Yep, I'm totally a movie addict.

5.  Someday, I might need to get a new front door with a peephole.   Because when someone comes knocking on my door without notice, I don't answer it.  If you know me, you'd call me.  If you don't know me, I'm not answering my door.  Because I don't know you.  And I have a slight fear of crazies. 

Now that I've broken the streak of no blogging for a while, I'm hoping that my next post will be a little more productive.  Because.....I could definitely use a little more productiveness in my life.  :)