Tuesday, August 7, 2012

these are my confessions....

After typing the title of my post....now I have the Usher song in my head.   :)

I thought I'd do a quick (by my standards), just-for-fun post today.  It might inspire a reoccurring set of "confessions" posts, or maybe after my first one I'll bury my head in the sand and ask myself what was I thinking the first time....but, as I confessed in my very first blog post, I'm diving in and taking a chance.

And......please feel free to send a quick shout out to show a little freak solidarity if you will.....it always helps to know you're not alone, right?

1.  Many of you know about my fear of bees/wasps/hornets.....and I've always thought that I was super brave when it came to everything else.  And then, in the past couple days (after I found a baby rabbit "nest" in my garden a couple weeks ago), I found a crazy amount of wasp nests around my house....and a dead rabbit in my basement window well.....and what I thought was a dead grasshopper fell on me out of my hanging plant when I was watering it.  It wasn't dead.  Just playing dead.  Until I swatted it off my chest.  Eww.
So....my confession....I'm really not as brave as I thought.  And I loved having my mom there to help me kill the wasps, get the dead bunny out of the well (I buried it), and laugh at me when I let out the girliest scream after realizing the grasshopper's definitely still kickin' it.

2.  I have probably set an Olympic record myself during these Summer Olympic games.....of hours logged on my couch.  And, I know many of you share in this love of Olympic-watching.  But, it's not only the Olympics.  I've also watched (in the past few weeks) all six seasons of MTV's The Hills.  Every. Single. Episode. 
I really didn't want to watch the last season (loved Lauren, could care less about Kristen), but had to get my "closure", so I forced myself to watch that last set of this ridiculous show.  That's the best word I can use to describe it.  Ridiculous.  I mean.....who else can go out to eat for every single meal, are constantly going to a different club every night, just take off for a trip to Vegas at a moment's notice, find the best apartments/houses to live in when they obviously barely (if at all) work, and speaking of work--can easily get their dream job, internship, or accepted into fashion school- even after having awkward, horrible interviews.   These pretty people, that's who.  But I was riveted.  I admit.

3.  My sister moved out of my house at the end of May.   My basement bathroom was "her bathroom" while she lived with me the past few years.  I rarely went down to use that bathroom, so she was always the one who took care of cleaning it.  My confession-- I just cleaned it yesterday.  For the first time since I moved in.  And it was gross.   But, for fairness.....when you live by yourself, and it's only used when you have company over, it gets forgotten.  I think I won't be "forgetting" to clean it anymore. 

4.  I haven't gone for a run since I got my new tennis shoes-- I wrote a post about it a while back.  I know....I said I was going to do it at my own pace.  But, I hadn't planned on being THIS slow to start.  I've just been so busy (besides the Olympics and reality show watching of course) with projects around the house, or spending time with family and friends.  I haven't given up on it; not by any means.  I just want to admit that I haven't started.  For those of you doing the Mud Run- if you wonder why I'm walking so much......it's because I haven't started my "training" yet.  ;)

5.  I don't like laying out in the sun.  I know that many of my friends are tan-a-holics, and I love how it looks.....I just don't like the actual "laying out" part (I'd rather be swimming), I don't like wearing bathing suits in public (that's my own insecurities), I want to limit the amount of wrinkles I get (I always have makeup with SPF on my face) and I know that's one form of cancer that I have some control over preventing.  I'm always envious of everyone's gorgeous golden skin, and hate wearing sleeveless tops that show off my "farmer's tan".  So, when you see that my face and legs don't match my arms and back of my neck, that's why.....:)

So....those were my confessions for today.

Please....join me in sharing some confessions of your own!


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