Wednesday, July 25, 2012

one thing leads to another...

Anyone who has taken on any redecorating or remodeling project knows it's never as simple as you set out for it to be.  (And if you think it're either lying or extremely lucky) 

Once you get an idea in your mind of something you want to change, update, or just leads you into something else that you didn't think of, a step you didn't count on taking as long as it does, a step you forgot about, a higher cost than you had planned, a kink in the plans that almost brings you to get the picture.

And...if you're like me, it also leads into wanting to change a bazillion other things to "complete your vision".   My kitchen project is a prime example of this.
Because what started last summer as a "simple" idea to get cupboard and drawer pulls/handles for my kitchen cupboards (they didn't have any) led into a two-year-and-counting-long project.  Yes, if I wasn't so busy during the school year (and I had a money tree in my backyard) it wouldn't take this long....but I'm hoping that by the end of next summer I'll finally be able to say....I'm DONE!

For those who have never seen my are a couple pictures from September 2009.

The only thing I did to the kitchen before moving in was paint the walls from white to green.
Otherwise, anything else I wanted to change would have to wait.  I was pinching pennies a little after getting my first house, so I kept everything else as it came.

Then, last summer I decided I was sick of not having any handles on my cupboards and drawers, so I went on a search for some that I liked.  The problem....the color of these cupboards kind of limited what I could choose.   After looking at numerous stores and not coming up with anything, I made a decision that led into a domino-effect of changes to my kitchen. 

I decided to paint my cupboards.

Boy, was I in for a surprise about how tough that would be....and how long it would take.

Oh yeah....and did I mention that I did this during a heat wave?  I'm super smart that way.  High 90's and high humidity, not being able to use the A/C, painting in a stuffy garage or small kitchen......I probably lost about 5 pounds in sweat that week.  :)

The one thing I didn't think about was how labor-intensive the first steps would take-- taking off the cupboard doors wasn't too difficult, but taking EVERYTHING out of the cupboards and drawers.....that was tough.  Finding places around my house to store these items just added to the challenge.

Doors are off....

Cupboards and drawers are emptied, and plastic is spread out....and cupboards were sanded.

All of the doors and drawers were taken out into the garage and given a good sanding.

There must be a better way to do it, because I totally filed my nails down to nothing from all of that sanding.  Luckily, they grew back.  :)

 Everything was primed and left to dry overnight.

The next morning, I started the first coat of white paint.  The OTHER thing that made this process take so long....doors have two sides.  Which means one side needs to completely dry before you can flip it and put a coat on the other....and when you're doing one coat of primer and two coats of paint.....that's a lot of painting and waiting. 

A few fans worked hard for a couple days while I let everything dry completely in the crazy, muggy mess of weather we were having.

Everything was put back in the cupboards and drawers, new black matte hardware installed, and I even spray-painted the hinges black to match. 

And although it took a full week out of my summer to complete all of this, it was much cheaper than getting new cupboards installed, and I LOVED the way they turned out.  It was just how I pictured it. I said, one thing leads to another.
And that next step will be revealed in my next post! 

Since this kitchen remodel has been a lengthy process, I decided it would be best to split this into a series of posts and just stick with the cupboards project for my first installment.

Plus, I just love a good "To Be Continued....."
Don't you?   ;)


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