Monday, July 9, 2012

checking my list

If you're a list maker, you'll totally get the satisfaction I'm writing about today.
At the beginning of the summer, I made a list.  A LOOOOONG list.  Of things I hoped to get done this summer.  As a teacher, most of my projects are put off until my summer break.....and it is a tradition for me to create a crazy, lofty list of goals for myself.  This year, I even organized my list by rooms of my house, outdoor projects, school stuff, and personal things.  In all of the years that I've done this, I've never completed an entire list, but I would love to say at the end of this summer that I do.....not sure if that's possible, but stay tuned to find out.....:)

Over the past couple weeks, I've checked a lot of things off my list.....and lots more will be checked off this coming week as I prepare for my garage sale.   While I still have a lot of projects left to do, it's pretty amazing for someone who is a grasshopper like me to focus enough and COMPLETE projects.  (patting myself of the back right now)

And just so you don't think I'm a crazy workaholic all summer long, and don't take any time for the fun stuff, that couldn't be farther from the truth.   Any time I've been invited by family or friends to do something (and I didn't already have plans), I've jumped at the chance to spend that quality time with them.  Plus, besides a few small things I had to do for work (like writing 28 personal postcards out by hand), I haven't done anything from my "school" list of things to do.   Those things can wait until August.  ;)
Oh, and I took one day this past week to stay in my pajamas ALL DAY, lay around, watch TV, go on my computer and basically be laaaaaazzy.  I always try to have one of those days every summer, so I figured why not do it during the Heat Wave of 2012 while I wanted to be inside with my A/C anyway.  And let me tell you, it felt amazing.'s what I've knocked off my list so far.  Some of these things will the focus of their own post someday!

*Get new appliances (refrigerator, stove, microwave)
*Get microwave installed over the stove
*Sort through freezer/pantry to discard expired items
*Reorganize pantry
*Paint walls
*Take down ugly vertical blinds
*Install curtain rod
*Buy/hang up curtains for dining room
*Tile backsplash (almost done)

*Buy new faucet/get faucet installed
*Organize cabinet

Bedroom (mine):
*Closet- clean shelves, move some items to guest room closet
*Organize bills/filing system
*Declutter cabinets/nightstand
*Find items for garage sale
*Dust/Clean all surfaces

Bedroom (guest):
*Paint walls
*New bedding
*Side table- buy and decorate
*Install curtain rod
*Buy/hang up new curtains
*Organize closet with items from my room and storage closet
*Clean/bring up bookcase with photo albums from basement

Living Room:
*Take down ugly vertical blinds
*Install curtain rod
*Buy/hang up new curtains
*New throw pillows for couch/loveseat

*Get flowers for hanging plants
*Transplant tall flowers to different area
*Buy new perennials for empty spaces

And now, some updates on a previous post I wrote.....I've almost checked off all of the things that I had been procrastinating.  I think I only have one thing left to take care of from that list! 

Finally took my shredder out of the box, put it together and shredded a bunch of old papers.
Time to take out/put together:  less than a minute!
Shredding time:  about an hour (mostly because there was a jam that I had to fix)

My empty Tide bottles are rinsed out and in the recycling bin.
Time needed: about one minute!

That mystery white stuff near my bedroom ceiling....wasn't a baby spider nest.  Just a chunk of dust.
Time needed:  about five seconds!

My vacuum is out of the box and assembled-- finally!
Time needed:  about 10-15 minutes.

That box of shoes needing repair is gone, and those shoes (along with the ones I took out of my bedroom closet) will be going in my garage sale.
Time needed:  a couple seconds!

(Don't you just love my paint-spattered shoes taking the place of that box?  I think those are going to be my Mud Run shoes this year!)

Okay, technically.....I didn't do this one myself.  But.....the microwave is up, and the tile is in the process of being done.  Still needs the white grout and then will have a sealant applied over it all. 
No more ugly walls behind my pretty new stove!!  

The moral of the story.....these little things I procrastinate on.....most are quick and painless.
I think writing about them motivated me to get them checked off that mental to do list.

And man.....that feels satisfying!

So, what have you checked off your lists lately?


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