Wednesday, August 14, 2013

objective frames update

When I posted about making my daily objective frames last summer, I had NO idea how "big" that post would get.  

As a little newbie blogger, just learning as I go, to see one of my posts get over 100 pageviews is an exciting milestone.  It affirms that there are people out there reading what I'm writing, and as I'm sure any blogger will tell you, that means a lot.

This post.....has, as of today, had almost 40 THOUSAND pageviews. 
I kid you not.  Mind-boggling.

I do attribute a lot of those views to the power of Pinterest.
I "pinned" my post, which was inspired originally by a pin I saw, and from there it must have just had some sort of crazy pin-domino-effect. 

A few other very fun things have developed after posting about that project....

*The original inspiration photo had no link attached to it, so I couldn't give credit to the pinspiration.  Until Jillian found my post and I was able to give credit where credit was due!

*A few other blogging teachers commented on my post letting me know that they not only made their own versions of these frames, but blogged about it....and linked back to my little ol' blog.  So sweet!

*A TON of readers asked for copies of the documents I made on my computer for the frames.   After sending out about thirty different emails, and not being able to figure out a way to link a PDF document to a blog post, I caved and opened a Teachers Pay Teachers seller account
If you go to the link to my store, you'll see that I not only have the vertical and horizontal frames (with many additions as suggested/requested by other teachers) for free, but I now have TWO more inexpensive products that I added on today!
  • My black circle labels (link to TpT) started out as just cubby numbers, but I added a few other things to make the product more versatile for teachers who may be interested in it.


  • My blue chevron labels (link to TpT) started out as a way for me to revamp the things I labeled all around my classroom, organizing the items in cupboards, drawers, and shelves.  Again, I added a few other things to the set to make it work for other teachers.

  • I also have another product that is so close to being ready....look for a post about it soon!

And now onto the update....

Over the summer, one of my beloved frames either fell or was knocked down during the cleaning process.  In hindsight, I probably should have taken them down for the summer. 
Oh well, lesson learned.
Actually.....I'm kind of glad that it happened.....because I got to update my frames to something I love even more!
Magnetic Frames!

(sorry for the overhead lights made it hard to take a good picture)
So, when I made a trip to Michaels to pick up a replacement frame, I was sad to find that they didn't carry that brand anymore.  However, I found this gem.
At about 3 dollars a piece, they are slightly more expensive but definitely for those commenters who were worried about having glass in the classroom, these are the perfect solution!

(close up in case you wanted to see the specifics)
Check out those magnets on the back-- these aren't going anywhere!
And since I already had made the papers, assembly was SUPER quick and easy.
Simply slip the pages in...

Take down the old Command're no longer needed. 
Thanks for your hard work last year.

Reposition everything in place on the board.
And just because I can't leave well enough alone....I broke out my favorite black and white polka dot craft tape (like washi tape) and framed my frames!

I've never been so glad to see something of mine broken before!  :)
If you haven't read my first post on how to make the frames, here's where you can get the PDF documents for the labels inside the frames-- go here (for vertical frames) and here (for the horizontal frames).
Here's to hoping that this post gets over 100 views.....time for Pinterest to work its magic!  :)


Jo Anne said...

Thanks for the update on the objective boards! I start school next week and I plan to make these over the weekend. :) Can't wait to share ideas with you throughout the school year!

- Jo Anne
Teaching in Cardigans

Michelle Lehan said...

Good luck with your first week back-- I still have two weeks left (one "on my own" and one when we report back as a staff) before the kids start on September 3rd. I'm going to try to keep up with the blogging better this year, too. I feel like there's such a fabulous teacher-blogger community out many great ideas being shared! :)

Elizabeth Rossmiller said...

That's exciting to see that your post received so many page views! As a newbie blogger, I know how exciting it is to see how many people are viewing your blog each day.

The objective frames are a great idea! I number my cubbies, too!

Seconds at the Beach

Michelle Lehan said...

Thanks, Elizabeth. Good luck with your school year!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this idea. I found and purchased the same frames at my local Michael's. One of the best ideas I've seen in a while.

Anonymous said...

Love this idea! Are the magnetic frames easy to clean?

Michelle Lehan said...

Yes, they are super easy to clean-- I just wipe them with a regular board eraser and they come clean each time. I've used the same frames for over a year now, and they still look great!

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