Friday, July 26, 2013

favorite pins friday

I recently discovered Bloglovin as a way to organize all of the blogs that I like to follow, as well as discover new ones!  Now that August is almost here, and I'm slowly entering my teacher-mindset again, I've been reading through quite a few teacher's blogs and getting a lot of great ideas in the process.

Today, I saw this "Favorite Pins Friday" post from Fourth Grade Flipper, one of the blogs I follow.  She is linking up with The First Grade Parade to share the Pinterest love with everyone in Blogland. 

So basically, it's just a chance to share some of your favorite pins from Pinterest, linking them back to the original person who posted it, and explaining a little about them.
You're probably "supposed to" stick with what you pinned for that week, but being the first time I've done this, I think I might give myself a little wiggle room.  :)
Since I'm starting to get back in my classroom, I'll start with a few from those boards.  If you're not a teacher, scroll down to find some non-teaching ones!


After seeing this pin from Timeouts and Tootsie Rolls, I was!!! 
This might be the solution to an enormous source of annoyance for me.  
As small as it might sound, dealing with student desk name tags is such a headache. Making them, cutting out the contact paper, putting them on, having them messed with/ripped off within days, and then being left with over twenty desks with no names on them....ugh.
This is the answer....and I have already bought two of these magical pens.
Can't wait to start labeling the desks!!
This jobs board....from a post from Clutter Free the inspiration for a new approach I'm going to take with classroom jobs this year.  Once I get it all hashed-out and put into action, I'll write a post about it.   Oooh, the anticipation.....
If you just can't wait, go to the link above to read about how this teacher does it. :)
This is a FREEBIE from Teachers Pay Teachers....thanks to the teacher at Elementary Endeavors for sharing it!   I've already printed it up, ready to be laminated for my classroom wall.
Now that I'm getting into my room to start setting up a few things, I decided to change up some of my bulletin boards/wall decorations that have been the same for a few years.
This poster goes well with the color/design theme I'm incorporating into my room.
I'll be blogging about that another time....lots of pictures to upload and edit.  :)
Speaking of freebie posters, here's another one from The Hands-on Teacher in First.
For both of these, it's not only the chevron that caught my eye, but it's also what they say.
I think with the shift to Common Core this year, it's really going to be important to help the kids shift their mindset as well.  A few reminders on the wall to refer back to might help.

I love this idea of the "Mystery Walker" from the teacher at What Happens in First Grade and will definitely be incorporating it into my classroom management this year. My class is usually pretty good in the hall, but there are times when we are transitioning from one class to another and they need to wait around...I'd also be paying attention to that "waiting time" as well.
Now I just need to come up with what the reward will be for my fourth graders.....
Any suggestions would be welcome! 


And just so you don't think I'm only pinning teaching-related are some to prove you wrong.  I'm a bit of a pin-a-holic actually.
I really love the blog I Heart Organizing, probably because (a) I'm an organization freak, (b) she does a lot of DIY using inexpensive items, and (c) her stuff is so darn adorable.
This was one of the more recent pins I found from her blog. I love the idea of combining reusing items you already have, making them useful and cute. 
Those are cereal boxes, people......covered in cute paper and used as drawer dividers.
Another blogger I follow is The Pioneer Woman, and now that she has her own show on the Food Network, I love her even more.  She always seems so down-to-earth and has great ideas that even us non-moms and non-ranch-wives can use!  :)
Recently, she had an episode that was all about freezer cooking.
It was one of my favorite episodes of her show.....and this pin was a link to the blog post that she wrote about it.   Lots of great tips there! while this is related to teaching, it's actually was inspired by something on my DIY board.  I have a bookcase in my classroom that is inexpensive and the backing fell off as it was being moved over the summer.....enter this idea from a pin:
While I'm not actually using fabric like this blog post suggests, the idea inspired me to cover the back of my bookcase with some cute contact paper that I got at Home Goods the other day.  Since I need to reattach the backing, I figured I should make it prettier at the same time.
Speaking of DIY....I've been learning more about using spray paint on projects this summer....and I came across this pin that I am definitely going to try in the future. 
Although I'm not so sure if you can find these at the dollar store like the person who pinned this suggested.
Note:  the original post does not say that this was found at the dollar store....I think someone added that when they pinned it.
Lastly, I'll leave you with one of the most recent quotes from that I pinned:
(and now...I really want to go to Target....okay, when do I not?)
If you're a blogger, feel free to share a link in the comments below if you ever do a Favorite Pins Friday, or just if you think that your blog is something I'd be interested in following!
Also....if you know how I can link from a picture directly to the blog, instead of using the text link, let me know.  I have the "pin-it" button on my pictures now, so I wasn't sure how to make that work. 


Fourth Grade Flipper said...

Oh my!! I love all your pins! I was thinking of doing something like that with the backs of my bookcases and need to check out the job chart. What exactly is the black expo doing over the green marker? My phone wouldn't take me to the original pin. Thanks for sharing!
Fourth Grade Flipper

Michelle Lehan said...

The expo is used to "erase" the Sharpie PAINT pen that is used to write the kids' names on their desks. You write over the paint pen and then wipe it off. I don't know if you couldn't see the link because of your phone or if it was because I don't know how to link a picture yet. I'm still kind of new to blogging so I'm just impressed of what I've taught myself so far. The link to the original blog post is in the text right under the picture if that helps. It's SUCH a cool idea- I can't wait to try it out! :)

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