Wednesday, June 26, 2013

breakfast (or lunch...or brunch) sandwiches

Some days....okay, most days....Pinterest makes me hungry.

Which can be a good thing (on days when I find healthy recipes) or a not-so-good thing (exhibit a: I have an entire board dedicated to "Sweet Stuff").

And then some days I meet somewhere in the middle, and find a pretty healthy recipe that also satisfies my craving for some good old comfort food.
The other day I found a link to this recipe:

Although I'm really not a fan of the hard-boiled egg (I just eat the white part and throw away that gag-inducing-pasty-looking cooked yolk)...this breakfast sandwich (or "pizza" as they call it) looked pretty good.  So, of course I needed to put my own twist on it and change the recipe a little.  :)

Quick shout out to McD's for the changes I made to my recipe-- I had a coupon to try their new breakfast sandwich, and I used a lot of their ingredients to inspire my adjustments. 

Here's how I made my Egg White, Tomato, Ham, and White Cheddar Breakfast Sandwich

We'll start with the cast of characters (a.k.a. ingredients)...and note, this is just for one sandwich, which ends up being two open-faced "pizzas".

English muffin (I used whole wheat)
(McD's uses Canadian Bacon, and I might try that sometime but this is just thinly sliced deli ham)
White cheddar cheese, sliced
Eggs (I used two since I was only using the whites)
Salt & Pepper
Very basic ingredients....and I might play around with them the next time I make this.  I'm thinking a white cheddar/b├ęchamel sauce would be DELICIOUS on these!  Fresh herbs would be a great addition as well.  Okay....on to the actual recipe I used.... 
First step:  Preheat your broiler on high and have a pan/cookie sheet ready for the sandwiches.

Separate the whites from the yolks if you're making it egg-white-only like I did. 
And revel in your masterful skills of separating eggs and juggling your iPhone to take a picture!
(sorry....I was just so proud of myself for not dropping either the egg OR my phone....I'm a little lot clutzy so this was a big deal).

Slice up the tomatoes.

Heat up a little butter in the pan, then pour in your egg whites.

I'm sure there is a more technical way to describe this cooking method, but I just kind of scooted around the egg whites until I had a rectangular-shaped egg.  I was eyeballing it to make something twice as large as the muffin halves.
Don't forget to season your eggs during this step- salt and pepper is all I used.

When it's ready, flip it.  I've never been great at flipping fried eggs, so leaving out the yolks makes this much easier for success.  :)

When it's done, cut it in half.

And lay the cooked egg whites on your muffin halves.
Note:  I forgot to toast these, but they were fine as is.....although next time I am going to toast them.  Because I love the texture and taste of a browned bread.

Lay on your ham slices....I used one and a half of the thin slices on each, but go more/less depending on your taste.

Then add a slice or two of tomato.

And a couple slices of the sharp, delicious white cheddar.

Set in under your broiler, leaving the oven cracked open so you can watch them.
If you're like me, this step is super important.  Because otherwise, I'd get distracted and forget about them and burn them and then wonder why I never learned my lesson in the first place.
I've learned my lesson. 

See....since I was watching them, they came out just in time!
The cheese was melted and bubbly, the ham was a little browned on the ends, and the muffin was toasty but not burned.

A great breakfast (or in my case....brunch....since I had it at 11:00 this morning). 
And for me, I could only eat like one and a half of these.  They're pretty filling!
If you have any ideas of what I could add to these, let me know....I'm always looking for ways to make my recipes more interesting! 


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