Saturday, June 30, 2012

first step

Putting this in writing is not the first step.

Neither was buying this pair of shoes today-- which I LOVE, by the way!
As much as you can love a pair of running shoes.

But both of them are symbolic of that first step.....toward a goal I've had sloshing around in my mind for a while. 

A goal to not just participate in a 5K....not just to finish a 5K....because I've done both of those on numerous occasions. 

My goal is to RUN an entire 5K.

No time goals, no speed goals, just no stopping to walk.

I had some foot pain issues for a while which forced me to stay off my feet as much as possible, and let them heal.  While it was not difficult to "be lazy", I was so excited that it seemed to actually work. I ran/walked a 5K with my Girls on the Run team this spring, and the pain did not come back- fingers crossed that it still doesn't!  That's when I decided I'm going to start running again with my goal in mind.

And for all of you runners out there (I know a majority of my co-workers are in this category), this might seem simple, but I know you will understand that we all have to start with that first step.  So I hope that you'll keep me accountable for this goal.  

I don't have a time frame for many things I like to go at my own pace.  Which for those who know me well, is not a fast one.  And I'm not only speaking of running here.....pretty much anything I do in life is not done full speed ahead.   I take my time, think it through, get distracted, focus again, and eventually finish. 

Except when I eat ice cream.  That....I do crazy fast.

What truly amazes me is how so many of you runners can work a full day, quickly change and "just" run 5 miles, then go take care of your family, grade papers, work on lesson plans, take care of your house, and still have time for a social life.   I also know that you've been doing this for a while, and I completely understand how having endurance and stamina and being in excellent shape are all a part of this.  But what I really want to say inspire me.  You have inspired me.  You are inspiring me.  You will continue to inspire me.

And just to clarify things....I'm not running to clear my head.  Because as I've told many people, it's not calming, relaxing, or mind-clearing for me.    I'm not running to win a race.   Because, as I've said, the only race I might ever win would be ice-cream-eating.   And I'm not running to fit in with a group.   Because although the runners I know are a pretty cool group of ladies, I'm not up to their level yet.

I am running for two reasons:  to get healthy and to reach an attainable goal.

I think that KNOWING the first step.


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